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Do you want to grow your brand or business exponentially with tons of free advertising and publicity opportunities? 

Can you see yourself as a "go-to person" on TV?

 Do you want to bring your expertise, skill,  of perspective to a national audience? 

Are you looking for the path to overcome your reservations about being a force on-camera?

Then my TV Expert Academy is the perfect place for you.

Whether you’re an interior designer, a doctor, lawyer, chef or any successful business owner you could be an ON-CAMERA EXPERT!

This will not only solidify (and increase) your top positioning in your field, but also will grow your business exponentially with tons of free publicity!

In this course, you will learn the proper on camera technique, how to find your brand message, and you’ll even learn about sound bites and talking points. Plus, I will teach you about energy levels, and not only HOW to secure TV appearances but also proper protocols once you are on the set.

If you feel you have something to say, but don’t know how to get your message out there, TV Expert Academy can train you not only how to get your message out but also how to feel super confident doing it. This course is chalked full of all the information that will make your dream of being a TV expert or household name a reality.

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Together we will make that dream come true!

Shannon O'Dowd

Shannon O'Dowd

Media Training Coach

Shannon O’Dowd is an on-camera coach specializing in Media Training for News Appearances, Press Junkets, and Talk Shows. She also trains clients on Teleprompter & Ear-Prompter.

Originally from St. Petersburg, FL with a degree in Theatre Performance from Florida State University, she has been working on both sides of the camera for over well over a decade.

Shannon specializes in Media Training, both on-set and off, by getting  TV hosts, influencers, and experts camera ready. Shannon focuses a lot on not only camera technique, but also brand messaging, talking points, and sounds bites so clients call feel set up for success when they are doing their appearances.

As part of her services, she also specializes in career coaching, which includes marketing materials, photos, bios, how to get an agent/manager to represent you and your brand, and how/when to get an awesome PR team.

After many years of instructing, Shannon's expertise is in getting the best performance possible out of her clients on-camera with spot-on adjustments & information that “sticks” & aids in many areas, even beyond just on-camera work. Shannon is precise, fun, and very good at getting the best performance possible out of her clients.

Course Includes

12 Videos

1 Text

3 PDFs

Course Curriculum

Module 2: On-Camera Technique

Module 5: An Interview with a TV Personality

Module 6: Interview with an Emmy Award-Winning News Anchor

Module 7: Interview with a Top Branding Expert

Module 8: Interview with a Top LA Talent Manager

Module 10: Watch A Coaching Session

Module 11: Teleprompter Training

Module 12: How to Find a Good Media Trainer

Live Monthly Training